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Our company has strategically expanded its operations across multiple regions, establishing a global presence. We engage in direct imports from numerous countries and collaborate with international indenters to ensure a diverse range of offerings. Our prominent trade partners include the United Arab Emirates, India, Pakistan, Egypt, Turkey, and Sri Lanka.

As a prominent player in the market, our core product portfolio encompasses a wide variety of commodities. We specialize in sourcing and supplying high-quality spices, fruits, vegetables, rice, sugar, and textiles.

Through our meticulous sourcing practices and strong network of suppliers, we consistently deliver excellence and meet the evolving demands of our discerning clientele.

Products We Offer

With a strong presence in the market, our company offers an extensive range of commodities, with our expertise in sourcing and delivering.


 A staple cereal grain, cultivated worldwide, providing a versatile and filling carbohydrate source, widely consumed as a dietary staple, offering a neutral taste and various textures.

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Sweet, crystalline substance derived from various sources like sugarcane or sugar beets, used to add sweetness and flavor to food and beverages.

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Natural plant-based ingredients that add flavor, aroma, which are source from various parts of plants such as seeds, bark, or roots, offering a wide range of tastes and enhancing culinary experiences.

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Nutritious and fleshy plant products, known for their naturally sweet or tart flavors and varied textures, offering a wide array of vitamins, minerals, and dietary fiber, promoting a healthy diet and palate satisfaction.

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Edible plant products, extracted from roots, stems, leaves, or flowers, consumed for culinary applications and high nutritional value, providing essential vitamins, minerals, and dietary fiber for a well-rounded diet.

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Made through weaving, knitting, or felting natural or synthetic fibers, used for clothing, furnishings, and other applications, offering comfort, durability, and aesthetic appeal.

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Export Destinations

Farmeurs Trading is a UAE based import and export company that upholds an unwavering commitment to sourcing and delivering premium food products to international markets with utmost consistency, reliability, and adherence to strict quality standards.

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